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Vitamin C
25 September 2008 @ 08:34 pm
Hey, there, fellow HoneySynners! :D  I'm new around here, but I come bearing a gift in the form of an Erik/Samuel ficlet!

Title: Not-Knowing
Pairing: Erik/Samuel
Rating: Utterly G, because I'm boring and naive 8D
Word Count: 635
Summary: To be quite honest, Erik wasn't sure what it was about Samuel.
A/N: I wrote this as a sort of inadequate thank you-type thing for my fantasmic beta and best pal, eltea, who mentioned that she was interested in Samuel and Erik's dynamic.  Which got me to thinking... which got me to writing. XD  I think I liked it better when I first pounded it out than I do now, but... that's me in a nutshell. :P  Thanks go out to eltea for the beta and to jenwryn, first of all for sharing the HoneySyn love and second for writing fics that made me want to write fics. 8D  If it makes a difference, which I don't think it really does, this was before the most recent page... And I will shut up now.  Enjoy. x)