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Title: Journey to a Star
Rating: PG(?)
Pairing: Josh/Metis
Disclaimer: Not Mine.
Author's Notes: I'm Melissa Dominic (once upon a time known as Melissa Malice), nice to meet you.i take constructive criticism well, so, have at it if you so desire.

There was nothing but the yellow of the overhead lights casting shadows over the bleachers and the football field. Nothing but Metis sitting fourth row with his head in his hands, dropletts of rain patterning down on him. Nothing but Josh watching him, crossing the quieted field and climbing the stairs, tracking mud over the silvertoned grates. Nothing but the half-second of breath when Josh stood in front of Metis and just looked down at him. Sweat collected in the corners of his eyes and at both his temples. Salt and rain glistening on his lips. Nothing but them. Just them and finished football practice. Nothing but the evening spreading out in pairs.

“I can’t believe you stayed.”

“You are my ride home.”

Josh smirked, lifting Metis’ chin with his fingertips and meeting his mouth against his. Metis tasted sweet. Just like overchewed bubble gum. He slipped his tongue past Metis’ lips, running over his collection of teeth, back and round again. Pulling away, Josh’s eyes opened. Rainwater on his web of eyelashes tinkered off, falling onto his cheeks.

“I should get you there then.”

But Metis reached up as Josh turned away, fingers gripping his wrist and tugging him down. The bleachers clanging with his sudden weight. Their bodies collided just a bit too hard. Josh and his shoulder fell into Metis’ chest and he laughed, struggling to right himself.

“There’s still time.” Metis grinned, rolling his eyes towards the rain. His hand slid down, fingers curving around Josh’s. They were cold, just at the tips, thumb rubbing into Josh’s palm. Tiny gestures resting on one another’s thighs. Knees thumping together. Metis didn’t seem to mind the smell of pure grass and the dirt under Josh’s fingernails. Just another small delineation of themselves.

“You’re right,” Josh said, “plus, stars.”

With his free hand, he pointed up somewhere past the glare of the overheads. The cloudless sky seemed painted over in dusky purple with a twittering of light shimmering every now and again. They looked like airplanes, but were stuck steady in the sky.

“You’ve got to me kidding me.”

“What?” Josh looked back, nose scrunching up in confusion.

“Stars?” Metis couldn’t hold back a laugh. He shook his head, shaggy wet hair sticking to his cheeks.

“Yeah, well..They’re there, right?” Josh shoved him, but he bounced back just as quick, his eyes squinted shut.

“I didn’t know stupid football players looked at stars!”

“Yeah, well...Sometimes.” Josh’s lips drew in a line. Eyebrows heavy on his face. Everything about him was childlike and caught. He pulled his hand back away from Metis’s and crossed them over his chest, leaning all the way back, bleachers digging into his skin. The rain soaked through where the water hadn’t, chilling him straight to the bone

The line cracked though and Josh broke into a small smile.

“Look at you! You’re just trying to be cute. Thinking this is something I’d like, right?” Metis turned, picking Josh’s hand back up and pulling it into his lap. Grazing each knuckle with his fingertips. Riding a slow line to his wrist and back again. “I can’t believe you. How stereotypical do you think I am?”

“You think they’re nice though, right?”

Yeah, well...” Metis stalled. “I guess.” His mouth twisted and he looked up, catching sight of another glittering twinkle. “I mean, they are...”

“All stereotypes are based in truth, ya know?”

“You’re such a jerk.” But Metis laughed and Josh shook his head.

“Not really Metis, but you knew that already.”

And in the sprawled evening, Josh fell foward, knocking into once again into Metis’ frame. Lips hovering just under his jawline, breathing him in. There was nothing but them. Nothing but the soft smells and the disentegrating rain. Nothing but the bleachers that were cold under their bodies, the lonley football field. Nothing but the yellow lights. Nothing but that moment. Nothing but stars. Nothing but time.
Tags: fanfic: josh/metis
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