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A community dedicated to all the webcomics of Nuu and Schumie

HoneyDew Syndrome - The Livejournal Community

Welcome to the first community dedicated to the webcomic 'Honeydew Syndrome'. Everyone is welcome for discussion - as Saturday rolls about, what will Nuu throw into the mix? - and icon, fanart and fanfiction submissions are encouraged! Every now and again a few surprise competitions will be thrown in, so look out for those too! They could vary from icons to fanfiction so everyone has a chance.

The rules are simple: We hope to maintain a civilised community, so bashing of characters and/or pairings is strictly prohibited. Please, let's try not to start any drama, and be respectful to other community members. If you post, please make sure it is relevant. Roleplay advertisements are welcomed, but only once please; I don't want them to overwhelm the community. Other than that, just have fun!

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